Assured Gift on All Pre-paid Orders WORTH RS 500
Assured Gift on All Pre-paid Orders WORTH RS 500

About Us

From founder and CEO Moonis Ali: 

Instashaper was born from necessity – 

We want to make the world a more confident place.

We want to shape a better world

At Instashaper, we’re in the business of confidence. We want to see confident, empowered women live life to the fullest and celebrate their curves

We've come a long way since then - in early 2017 I was introduced to Lisa Castillo, our Creative Director, and with her expert eye and guidance Instashaper has grown into the company it is today.  And in 2018 we found Sophia Stark, our Social Media Coordinator, and she has truly become the online voice of the Instashaper.  I am so grateful for them both.

“We are playful, rebellious, friendly,
and youthful. We embrace innovation

-just like the women we represent”

Never in a million years did we think we'd be creating a product that is now loved by thousands of people worldwide because it solves their style dilemmas. Creating a brand hasn’t been easy – we have embraced the bumps along the way – but it goes to show that persistence and hard work really pay off.

As a business owner, we couldn't be more thankful for all of the support that our customers have provided us along our journey. We look forward to continually offering stellar customer service and new stylish, high-quality designer Shapewear that will make you, “Fall in love with your beloved dresses again.”



Moonis Ali